York Region: WaterSense Toilets

A new program has made an appearance in A and Y plumbing's city of residence – the York region. Dubbed "Water for Tomorrow", this program allows residents that purchase WaterSense guidelines products for a rebate of $40. In a few words, WaterSense products are chosen to be the most environmentally friendly and save more water, we're looking at a starting point of saving 20% monthly. These gadgets do not lower the high quality and health index of these artefacts; on the contrary they have high performance standards.

To be labeled WaterSense toilets, the flush power must consume only 4.8 L per full flush volume and 4.1 L for a reduced volume single flush. As well, the flushing power must remove 350 g of waste as a minimum.

In general, the WaterSense toilets save around 15.141 Litres per year. This not only helps the environment but helps you keep the water bill down by $90 per year. Additionally, these water saving toilets are affordable and come in a variety of styles and prices.

Eligible customers for the $40 rebate are single family homeowners who apply online, residing in a private residence within the York area.

For more information on how to apply go to:

http://www.waterfortomorrow.ca/en/athome/resources/WFT_2012_ToiletRebate_Form.pdf (if toilet purchased before Dec 31 2013)

http://www.waterfortomorrow.ca/en/athome/resources/WFT_Jan-Dec13_ToiletRebate_Form.pdf (if toilet purchased after Jan 1 2013)

For more information about the program go to: