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75 Falling Snowflakes Promotion: Drain Unclogging

Introducing our new winter promotion at A and Y Plumbing: The 75 Falling Snowflakes Promotion. This promotion covers the following residential services: shower and bathtub unclogging. Every Wednesday and Thursday, the cost of unclogging your drain starts at $75.00! This price includes:

  • Service call
  • First hour of labour
  • Electrical hand snaking machine, including up to 25ft usage

The service should take no longer than an hour to complete, costing you only $75.00! However, in rare cases, the service may take up to 3 hours to complete. The cost for the second and third hour, if required, is $50.00

No other charges, no hidden fees! Please note that this promotion does not cover main sewer or main drain snaking. Also note, this promotion is only valid during regular business hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm. Call us at 416-835_-7986 or email us at to claim this promotion. Remember to use the phrase: 75 Falling Snowflakes Promotion. This promotion may not be combined with any other offer.