Toronto & Area Drain Services

      A and Y Plumbing provides professional drainage services in Toronto and the GTA that cover all kinds of commercial and residential problems. We focus on cleaning, maintaining, and repairing drain systems. Among the list of services show below, we provide drain cleaning and repair, CCTV drain inspections, drain power flushing, and excavations. Whenever a drain problem arrises in your home, it is our goal to find out it's source and deal with it in the most proficient manner.

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Our drainage services

Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs of drainage systems throughout Toronto & the GTA:

  • Pipe Locating.
  • Drain Inspection.
  • Grease trap installations.
  • Grease trap installations.
  • Emergency drain clearing services:
    • Toilet, kitchen, bathtub, and laundry drain snaking.
    • Drain Unclogging Promotion
    • 24/7 emergency main drain services.
    • Toilet Overflows.
    • Sewer backups.
    • Floor drain backups.
    • Water Jetting
    • Power flushing clogged drains
    • Removing Roots from drain pipes
  • CCTV camera inspections.
  • Pipe locating.
  • Removal of tree roots from drains and other pipes.
  • Grease trap installations.
  • Back flow preventor installations.
  • Back water valve installations.
  • Basement flood solutions.
  • Sump Pump installations.
  • Sewer Pipe Repair and Replacement.
  • Plumbing rough-in services.
    • Above ground rough-in installations
    • Underground rough-in installations
  • Trench-less technology to replace existing piping:
    • Burst piping repair and replacement.
    • Torpedo plumbing services.
    • New water line installations.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Most Main Sewer Problems

A clogged main sewer line is a serious problem, and in order to fix it, it is important to diagnose the problem right away.

Here are some common signs and symptoms to watch out for:

  • Several fixtures in your home are backing up at the same time.
  • When using certain fixtures, others are affected. For example, you flush a toilet and your bathtub or a shower drain backs up. Another example is when you use your washing machine and as the water drains out, it causes a toilet to overflow or back up.
  • The floor drain in your basement backs up.

Causes of main line clogs

  • Unwanted objects become lodged in the pipes.
  • Tree roots spread into the pipes.
  • Grease and calcium build-up.
  • Broken, damaged, and displaced pipes.

It is always important to find the cause of the problem. Whenever trouble arises, call a professional plumber to inspect your pipes.

Blocked Drains Camera Inspections

Main Drain Services

We have the tools and the talent needed to respond to any main drain emergency problems promptly and effectively. While helping you deal with main drain back-ups, we will investigate the source of the problem and provide you with a thorough explanation of its the cause of the problem provide you with advice on how to prevent its recurrence in the future. At every point, we make to deal with the problem in the most efficient way using the most suitable techniques.

City of Toronto Subsidy

     The City is offering a Basement Flooding Protection subsidy that covers up to $3,200.00 per property for: Backwater Valve Installations, Sump Pump Installations, Pipe Severance and Capping. Click here for more details.