CCTV Camera Inspections

One of the most important technologies used to unclog a blocked drain is the standard camera inspection. CCTV (Closed circuit television) inspections will give you the opportunity to see directly inside your drains. There are many reasons why you may find this usefull:

Camera Inspections
  • Checking for root damage.
  • Locating a collapsed pipe.
  • Determining why one of your drains is blocked.
  • Locating pipes prior to renovation services.
  • Checking on the quality of your pipes.
  • Evaluating the underground pipe quality of a potential new home.

CCTV is the most cost effective and least disruptive method of inspection with minimum damage to your drain or sewers.

We are pleased to offer CCTV services for all of our clients. We offer flat competitive rates for camera inspections, which we perform promptly and efficiently. After each service, we will provide you with a detailed report and a DVD showing the quality of your drains that we get during the camera inspection. If the inspection indicates a problem is present in your drains, we will provide you with a solution as well as give you the most accurate estimate for how it can be fixed.

We wilso provide you with all of the help and advice that you would need along the way. If you would like us to perform a CCTV inspection for you, please call us at 416-835-7986 or contact us via e-mail