Toronto's Basement Flooding Protection

Brace yourself for the fall rains and then winter snow falls! Your house may be at risk of water damage or worse. The City of Toronto is currently subsidizing up to 80% ($3,200.00) off the cost for backwater valve installations, sump pump installations, and pipe severance and capping. The subsidy covers labour, material, and permit costs up to a certain maximum. You can see a more detailed description of the program on Toronto's site.

We are licensed with the city of Toronto and we are ready to help you tackle these problems as soon as you are ready. Please call us at 416-835-7986 or contact us via e-mail at to determine if this is something that your basement needs, and if so, to book a site visit.

Why do I need a backwater valve?
Back water valves ensure a one way flow in drainage pipes; This would protect you against floods originating in the city sewage/drainage system, caused by excessive rain or snow melting.

Why do I need a sump pump?
If your basement is indeed prone to floods, a sump pump ensures that water is pumped out of your basement and into the city drainage system.

What is pipe severance and capping?
Disconnecting the foundation drains/sewer connections from your home to the city may be required to maximally protect your basement.

Also, be sure to check out our basement waterproofing services!